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Home Healthcare Services at Quest Community Home Health, LLC

It would be our pleasure to be your provider for home healthcare. Our process includes a pre skills assessment wherein your current living abilities are evaluated in order to point out the areas of your health that need consideration. This initial stage will be guided with an RN and your personal physician. Your options will be noted accordingly to be included in the care plan, the second step in our procedure.

Quest Community Home Health, LLC guarantees you of a personalized care plan that is carefully crafted to fit your needs. This plan will embody the different services to be followed in the course of care. Although to be strictly followed, the plan is actually very flexible, can be modified and changed, basing on factual and sufficient manifesto such as change in your condition or your response to the rehabilitative program.

After a care plan is made, this will be implemented. Our staff will see to it that you meet the maximum of our services, which you can freely get anytime, 24/7. We will keep your adherence to the plan always in check by thorough and strict monitoring.

Below is a list of services we can get from Quest Community Home Health, LLC You can get either one or a combination of the following service we are proud to have:

Who are eligible?

  • Those who need help around the home
  • Those who suffer from depression
  • Rehab patients
  • Children
  • Children or Adults with Autism
  • Wheelchair and bed-bound patients
  • Stroke victims
  • Patients in Need of Behavioral and Mental Health Assistance
  • Persons recovering from a recent hospitalization

So how do you plan to have your own home healthcare service? Talk to us, and discuss your options with our experts. Contact us at 215-883-0453 anytime you’re convenient.

Quest Community Home Health, LLC does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, or age in employment.